Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a broker?

No. We represent private investors and private lenders.

Who are we?

We are a registered Delaware company with experienced no- nonsense professionals able to get a deal done in tough financing times.

How long does the funding process take?

We move quickly. Timing depends on you (The client) and the amount requested.

  • Once Client’s complete information is submitted, within 48 hours, we will accept or reject the initial request for money.
  • If acceptable, we will schedule a conference call, confirm specific details, then within 3 days, we will send an engagement agreement stating all terms and conditions.
  • The Client signs and returns engagement letter.
  • Approximately 48 -72hrs later the Client receives a term sheet. Client accepts and signs the term sheet. Term sheet has written closing date. Client then pays fees to Law firm to draw up documents. (Law firm is independent third party).

Do you lend money to any company or project?

No – Must be USA or Canadian based organization. We do lend to Oil, Mining, Natural gas and Energy exploration operations (including refineries), Manufacturing, Government contracting receivables, construction, and hotel expansions.. We do not lend to art projects, movie projects, or distressed real estate bulk packages.


Why was I rejected?

Various reasons, but we will tell you immediately. For example, bankruptcy’s, felonies, outstanding judgment’s, lawsuits or the deal was not good for the lender.

I’m a broker- can I bring a deal to you for commission?

No – we are direct lenders to direct end users.

How much will it cost?

Depends on the amount of the requested financing. –All terms are in writing in the term sheet.

How do you get paid?

Upon issuance of term sheets, we have completed bringing money to the table. At time of settlement, we are paid a small success fee at the closing.

Are there fees involved?

Yes. Similar to a mortgage, there are legal fees (verifications, accounting, diligence, and settlement fees). This will be in writing in the term sheet.

Why can’t I deal with lenders direct?

We go through several hundred requests per month. We have to organize, complete research, package, before it can be submitted to the lender.

Will you sign a NDA?

Yes, send it over.

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